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Asset Management

Malet is dedicated to the concept of “MPP”. “Maximize Property Potential” Malet will orchestrate a tailor–made strategy for the acquisition, management, leasing and disposition of the various properties in your portfolio.

Property Management

In managing the day to day operations of your real estate asset we apply the two basic principles to achieve Maximum Property Potential:

  • Increase Revenue
  • Decrease Expenses

Fundamental Steps Used to Increase Revenue

  • Improve/maintain curb appeal
  • Effective marketing programs
  • Tenant services
  • Tenant retention

Fundamental Steps Used to Decrease Expenses

  • Contract negotiation
  • Budget preparation and expense approvals
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Emphasize hands on management
  • Cost/benefit analysis

Court Appointed Receiverships

Drawing upon our years of experience with a wide array of property types we are able to act swiftly to take possession and control of any property pursuant to an Order of the Court.

We will ensure that the asset is managed in such a manner so as to maintain its value and at the same time protect the rights of all parties involved.

We are able to conduct these assignments effectively and successfully all while respecting the dignity of the Debtor.

We have acted as Receivers for institutions such as Fifth/Third Bank, NorStates Bank, Crown Life Insurance Company, North American Life Insurance Company and others as fiduciaries.